This fruit is a big question mark for most of us!

When we moved here, we have discovered a whole new environment with a lot surprises. Our garden boasts a handful of fruit trees, from the most common ones – fig, walnut and quince trees – to the most exotic ones – pomegranate tree and…… feijoa best known as Brazilian guava tree.

For real, we grow guava in the garden! Originated from South America, they are different from the Asian ones we know, for different reasons. The size – much smaller – and the taste which is tangier and close to our childhood sweets, a real delicacy!

The Brazilian guava tree is an evergreen shrub that does not need too much work and can survive between -15 to over 35 degrees. Not only it produces delicious fruits, but, during blooming season which is end of spring- beginning of summer, it also offers stunning purplish red and white flowers.

The fruit harvests is in October-November when the fruits have fallen from the tree.

At La Maison De…, all our jams are home-made so it was obvious to use these fruits to add a new flavour to our list.

Here is the LMD recipe, however, as this fruit is quite rare in Europe, I advise you to come over here and pick the fruits yourself under the tree or taste it as a “confiture”!

Ingredients – for 3 pots of 350gr

1 kg of Feijoa pulp / 600gr of cane sugar /1 lemon / Vanilla extract


  • The day before:
  • Peal, collect and cut into pieces the pulp of the fruit;
  • Add the lemon juice, the sugar and the vanilla extract;
  • Mix altogether, cover and place in the fridge for 24h.
  • On the day:
  • Place a plate in the fridge – you will understand why later J
  • Bring to a boil and let it cook for 1 hour. Keep mixing from time to time;
  • Sink the pots and their covers in boiled water in order to sterilize them;
  • Drop a teaspoon of jam on the cold plat vertically place and if the jam fixes, it means it is ready;
  • Take the pots out and let them dry before you fill them up;
  • Once filled, close them and turn them upside down and let them cool in a dark place.
  • ENJOY!