It literally means “of bygone days case”, but this place could have also be named “nature in a case”, “treasures in a case” or “sweet case”.

It is just a magical place.

As soon as you enter the parking area and see the outside of the building and its terrace, you can feel the excitement growing.

Then, you receive a warm welcome from the owner, Marie-Christine, and you know straight away you are in the right place in the right time.

Here comes the decision making. You can either visit the bric-a-brac area (indoor and outdoor) or select a drink from a large range of organic juices, artisanal beers, wine of the region or some tea and coffee. You can also grab something to eat such as tapas, biscuits and some yummy ice creams.

Once you have made your first choice, then comes the one to pick your table. Fancy a cosy atmosphere indoor, a summery one in the terrace or a relaxing one in the garden? There are options and that is what we like in this place!

You know now, you can be with your friends or your partner or your family, even on your own, you will find in this “happiness case” your favourite item.

This hidden gem is situated 5 minutes drive from La Maison De… and open during the day until 7pm. However, for special events, Marie-Christine doesn’t hesitate in closing later in the evening, you only need to give her a call on +33620636091.

In one word: the place to be when you stay at ours…