During this really hot summer’s day, along with our dear friends from London, we have decided to take the road for a visit to the wine châteaux of the region. We had two châteaux in mind but believe it or not, the first one was closed! We then went for the other option which was Château Carbonneau.

Situated about 35 kilometers east from La Maison De… we can get to this place via many roads. Options! To get there, we chose the “off-the-beaten-track” route which goes along a portion of the river Dordogne. It is a lovely road across some picturesque villages. On the way back, we chose the main road which is much faster to get back but not as scenic.

Finally, we arrived at Château Carbonneau. A long alley lead us to the parking and to the main entrance. The place is just stunning, boasting of an “à l’anglaise ” garden and a preserved “à la française” mansion from the beginning of the 19th century. We were pleased to find a tea room, which is actually way more than this, so we decided to sit on the sunny terrace and have our own wine tasting with a lovely French platter full of regional and homemade products. Prices are correct for the quality offered. The friendly owners are from New-Zealand so it is ideal for English speakers too.

If you would like to experience the château’s wine tasting, including a tour of their mansion, their vineyard and cellar, you will need to book in advance by email on carbonneau@orange.fr or by phone on 05 57 47 46 46. The price is at 5 euros per person.

Now, we cannot wait to go back to taste their homemade patisserie for a great afternoon tea!